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Must-read Style books

I eat, sleep, and breathe style and, no surprise, I love reading about it too. I consider myself a student of life, with style books keeping my creative juices flowing. When I'm lucky, a great style book helps to build on my current perspective or leaves me with a whole new one. Recently, two books did just that: Nina Garcia's The One Hundred and Isabelle Thomas & Frederique Veysset's Paris Street Style: A Guide To Effortless Chic. Both books were eye-opening, practical and spoke to my style philosophy: Keep it Simple; Keep it Classic; And add a hint of Sparkle.

The Books

#22 Converse sneakers

Project Runway judge and fashion journalist Nina Garcia dedicated The One Hundred to her one hundred favourite pieces. Organized in alphabetical order, this book is an encyclopedia of timeless pieces that Garcia believes every stylish woman should own. The One Hundred opened my eyes to the full range of the classic wardrobe - Chuck Taylor's, leopard print, and red lipstick are all classics and now I understand why; No matter what year or decade, these 100 pieces have always - and will always - remain in style. This book is a great foundation for any woman who's looking to develop her own personal style (if not already working with a personal stylist). I'm not surprised that Nina Garcia, a Taurus, wrote a book about fashion classics. Taurean style is are all about simplicity, elegance and classic luxury, which is exactly the style philosophy in her book.

"As in fashion, so in life"
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Paris Street Style embodies the epitome of cool - casual, natural and elegant style that's oh-so-chic. Not only did I find this book exhilarating, but it felt like coming home. I've always loved casual style and menswear (and often felt like a tomboy reaching for menswear-inspired over-sized collared shirts...), but Paris Street Style really spoke to my style sensibility. I was fascinated by the authors' perspective on "American Style" versus "French Style." Essentially, American women aim for perfection and an overt sexuality, whereas French women take a more subtle approach wearing a more casual, uni-sex style. The focus for the French is on confidence and conversation, which if done right, results in seduction. So classy... Written by a personal stylist and fashion photographer, this book really illustrates the different interpretations of the French style, encouraging women to make this style their own by finding a 'signature' piece. I fell in love with this book, read it in one sitting and have been wearing my collared shirts a little more often ever since.

What are your favourite style reads?

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