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My 25 Beauty Favourites

I've always had a pretty low-maintenance beauty routine. My hair and makeup are very natural - I have sensitive skin and I also don't like the feel of heavy products. Five summers ago I was invited to a spa night. The products featured were by an all natural beauty company, one I'd never heard of before, called Arbonne. Being a little kid during the age of the Tupperware party, I was very skeptical of someone trying to sell merchandise in someone else's home. But to my surprise, I LOVED the products! They were exactly what I was looking for - natural, simple, and safe for my skin. I was so passionate about the brand that a few years later I became an Arbonne Consultant. I no longer sell the products but still use them everyday and love them. It's no surprise they make up a large number of my beauty favourites, which have three things in common - they are simple to use, have an overall natural feel and don't look heavy. Exactly my style. 


SeaSource Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion
The BEST body lotion I've ever used.
It's soothing to the skin and I can actually
feel it getting absorbed into my pores.

SeaSource Detoxifying Rescue Wash
My favourite body wash in the world.
It's so pure and clean feeling and
that makes it extremely luxurious.

Aquafresh, Fresh Mint Toothpaste
$0.99, Shoppers Drug Mart

I wrote an entire blog post about my love
for Aquafresh. It's the only toothpaste
I've used that actually leaves my mouth
feeling fresh. 

Voluspa, Crisp Champagne Body Mist
$20, Indigo

It's called Champagne and smells like candy!
Either way, it feels like I'm floating in
candy-flavoured clouds after a few sprits..

Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme

It's delicious strawberry kiwi scent is
ridiculously freshsmelling and the cream
sinks into my skin so I can feel it's working.


Nourishing Daily Shampoo

My hair looks and feels full, shiny and healthy
after washing with this product. I have baby-fine
hair and have tried so many shampoos. Nothing
works quite as good as this one, even on my
colour-treated hair.

Nourishing Daily Conditioner

A dollop of this conditioner on my ends
is all I need to give my hair a silky-smooth
natural shine. Sounds cliche, but it's true!
And it smells delicious.

SeaSource Fortifying Hair Mask

I'm crazy about this hair mask!
It's like rehab for your hair, but
the kind where you do yoga
and drink kale juice all day. It takes
my hair back to its roots.

Pureology, Pure Volume Blow Dry Amplifier

I'm calling this product a miracle worker
because it was the answer to my life-long hair
prayers. It breathes life into my super fine hair and
keeps it voluminous between washes.
Thank you hair gods!

Redken Radiant Sea Spray

A light-weight texturizer that gives my hair shape
that lasts for days. And it releases a refreshing
scent when my hair moves.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Medium & Brunette
$7.99, Balmoral Chemists Inc.

I've tried just about every dry shampoo
on the market. Having fine hair this product
is my best friend between washes. I go for the Brunette
to enhance the roots of my Ombre.

LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub
$9.95, Lush

This is hands-down the yummiest part of my
 beauty routine. Nothing is as tasty as scrubbing
pink bubble gum-flavoured sugar on my lips for the
sake of beauty. Too much fun...

Sheer Finish Tinted Moisturizer, Medium Beige
I'm not a fan of heavy foundations, or foundation
in general, because it doesn't sit right on my
skin. This product is so subtle it gives me very
minimal sheer coverage, doing the trick. 

Foundation Brush
$3, CVS Pharmacy

I absolutely LOVE this brush! It makes me
feel like a painter and my face is the canvas.
I love how I have full control over applying
my tinted moisturizer and it's just plain
fun to use.

Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm &
Smith's Mocha Rose Lip Balm
$7.50, Sephora
Smith's has the best lip balm I've ever used.
The consistency is rich but not heavy.
Definitely a Canadian winter staple!
And the Mocha Rose scent is heavenly...

Sonia Kashuk Brow Kit
$9.99, Target

This brow kit comes in two different colour
palettes - warm and cool and a light and
dark shade for each. I use the lighter shade
when I just want a bit of definition and the
darker side when I want more drama.

Lancome, Hypnose Brow Shaper
$14, L'Oreal Wearhouse Sale

This shaper gel grooms while adding volume
and the brush is the perfect size - it gets the job done
without leaving excess gel on either side of my brows.

Sonia Kashuk, Eye Makeup Remover
$10.99, Target

The best makeup remover - hands down!
It's smooth as silk on my skin, which
is the perfect way to end the day.

Well Being

Smart Water is my favourite bottled water. The water
tastes great and I love the look of the bottle too.
I drink a tonne of water throughout the day.
Hydration is so good for you! 

Eggs are my new super food. I eat half a dozen a week and
I swear they are making me stronger. My favourite way to eat them -
in a warm fried-egg sandwich on a cool spring day.
Image Source:

Fresh berries are my favourite fruit. While
they have many antioxidant benefit the taste is so
delicious too.  I especially love them with whipped
cream or chocolate cake.
Image Source: Google Search
I love to walk all over the city. I always think of it as
killing two birds with one stone - getting my exercise
and experiencing the city, all by foot.
Image Source: Google Search

Mind & Soul

Voluspa, French Burbon Vanilla Candle
I love the scent of vanilla filling my home.
Enjoying the vanilla fragrance, as a
candle gracefully burns, is ultra relaxing.

Katy Perry, Prism (Deluxe)
$11.99, iTunes

Music it the food of my soul and if my soul is
 fed, so is the rest of me. 

Tea Forte, Replenish Tea

Something about a nice warm cup of tea
at the end of the day is oh so soothing...

My beauty philosophy: a healthy mind, body, and spirit is what makes someone truly beautiful.

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