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What's Your Season?

Normally when I ask someone a question that starts off "What's your..." it usually ends in "sign?" (ask anyone who has ever met me - they can attest to this). However in this instance, I'm referring to one of my other passions - colour. What I find fascinating is that each of us has a 'season' of colours that naturally compliments our skin's undertones, making us look like a million bucks. Like the four seasons in a year, colour seasons are divided into Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. And these colour palettes are referred to as "seasons" because they resemble the ones you would see in the landscapes during that time of year. For example, the Autumn palette has an array of fall colours - pumpkin orange, burnt yellow (like tasty squash soup), and rusty red (like the leaves on the ground). Spring colours look like bright pastel Easter eggs - baby pink, turquoise, and chick-a-dee yellow.

Last summer, I had my colours done professionally in an Image Consulting course I was taking. I was and wasn't surprised to discover that my season is Summer. It made sense - I could see that Summer colours looked best on me, but that wasn't what I had in my wardrobe. Having embraced my palette over the past year, I'd definitely say it's helped me to come into myself. I've also learned to cherish my personality traits associated with the Summer palette. I absolutely still wear colours that aren't in my palette, but less and less often. I think there's something to be said about complimenting one's natural essence - those colours in my palette have started to feel like a second skin. And I really like that.

The 4 Colour Seasons

The Winter palette is bright, cool and intense.
Winter personalities are direct and passionate
risk-takers. They like to be in high-powered
roles - and to be in charge. Their homes are
very modern looking with clean designs.

Spring colours are bright, warm and intense.
Springs have big, bright personalities. They are
social, outgoing and entertaining and love to
socialize in their home.

Summer colours are cool and muted, almost
like a summer haze has washed over them.
Summer personalities are very gentle, delicate
and reserved. The summer home is said
to be decorated with much care and only
a select few are invited to visit.

The Autumn palette is warm and muted.
Autumn personalities are said to
be deep, intellectual, and have a love for
history and the outdoors. They like to use
natural fibers when decorating their homes.

All colour palettes were found through Google Images.

Which Season Are You?

There are a couple of different ways to test which palette naturally compliments your skin's undertones.

The first is the cool or warm test. You can do this either with a piece each of pure gold and pure silver jewellery. Alternatively, you can use a pure white top and a cream top. Get a large mirror and standing next to a window, for natural light, compare one at a time. A good way to tell which looks the best on you is to look at your cheeks and lips - they will take on a natural rosiness. Also, your jaw line will lift and your teeth and the whites of your eyes will appear whiter. So if you look better in gold and cream, your undertone is warm (Spring or Autumn); if silver and white enhance you, your undertone is cool (Summer or Winter). The next step is to compare individual colours from each colour palette to see which season you are.

The other way is to have your colours professionally done. Many Image Consultants offer these services (give me a call if you're in Toronto!). Having your colours done by someone with a trained eye eliminates guessing and saves you time and money in the long run.

Colour Comparison

Me in the 'wrong' colour jacket.
It suits me to an extent because it's muted,
but it's not the best. Notice how my skin tone
looks a bit pale?

Me in the 'right' colour. Notice how my look
seems more in harmony and my skin
tone more even? Summers look
fabulous in greys. 

So, what's YOUR season?

***Since this post, I had my colours re-analysed in Fashion School, confirming that my palette is actually Clear Winter (example below). Funny thing - cool, bright colours are the ones I've always worn and loved!

To err is human, and this taught me a good lesson in trusting my intuition.
The gut never lies!***

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